The price of Golden Ticket is now


Game Rule

Concept: Players purchase Golden Tickets. TOMO from purchases goes to the Golden Pot. Last buyer takes everything home.

Golden Ticket price starts from 10 TOMO and increases by 0.1 TOMO for every purchase. Only one Golden Ticket can be purchased at a time.
For every purchase, the timer is reset to 12 hours - 10 seconds x Golden Ticket number. For example, after the 10th bid, the timer is reset to 12 hours - (10 seconds x 10) = 12 hours - 100 seconds.
The minimum the timer is reset to is 12 minutes, which is achieved after 4,248 purchases.

TOMO distribution:
Twelve Hour Token Owners: 10%
Referral: 5%
Existing Golden Ticket dividends: 15%
Marketing: 5%
Final pot: 65%
Total: 100%